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Aloha Security is Big Island’s premiere security service provider. From our humble beginning as a modest security force in Hilo, we have expanded and perfected the practice of safeguarding all types of property and personnel from theft, vandalism, and other dangers. No matter what size of property or event needs protection, call Aloha Security. We have your back.

What Type of Security Do I Need?

If you’re ready to protect your property, event, or guests, take a moment to consider which type of patrol service best meets your needs. Aloha Security offers standing guards, as well as a wide range of roving patrols to cover everything from a single entrance to saturation coverage of the largest facilities and parking areas. The security professionals of Aloha Security are happy to meet with you, listen to your concerns, and help you select the best option to protect your assets.

  • Vehicle Patrol
  • Gatehouse Attendants
  • Security Officers
  • Executive Protection
  • In-House Investigations
  • Security Guard Devices
  • Much More!

Motorized Patrol

Maximum Coverage and Speed for Areas with Paved Access

Motorized Patrol – Our mobilized patrol units are staffed with trained, experienced security personnel. These expert security officers are able to cover the largest properties and respond quickly and accurately to threats via road access.

Mobile Patrol – Fast Resolution to Security Threats

Short-Notice Mobile Patrol – If you require immediate security over a certain specified area, our mobile patrol may suit your needs perfectly. Aloha Security specializes in the rapid deployment of security guards and roving units to quickly address newly discovered issues. This service is ideal for adding a secure level of protection for homes, neighborhoods, and businesses that have recently experienced an outbreak or threat of vandalism, theft, and other acts of crime, as well as securing vulnerable areas following natural disasters. Often, when an issue is addressed quickly it will dissipate just as quick as it appeared.

Roving Guard – Targeted Building and Grounds Security

Roving Guard – Our security forces are able to patrol all types of residential, commercial, and government buildings on foot for targeted protection in the most sensitive areas. Many of our clients choose to station a standing guard at each of their main entrances and in close proximity to high value targets, while placing roving guard patrols at regular intervals for maximum coverage. This option is well-suited to building and facility security, as well as perimeter protection in high-risk areas such as stairwells, parking lots, hotel and motels, and within the immediate vicinity of a property’s grounds.

Aloha Security takes care to configure the optimal security detail team to meet your specific requirements. For protection islandwide, contact us. We have your back!

If you would like to learn more about our solid security services on Big Island, Hawai’i, call Aloha Security, Inc. at: 808-969-3300.