Protecting Guests, Venues,
and Reputations

Aloha Security, Inc. provides unparalleled security services for public and private events islandwide. Our exceptionally trained security experts hold the safety of your guests in the highest regard. We offer 24/7 standing and roving mobile guard services to help safeguard the integrity of your event against threats including theft, assault, vandalism, and other illegal activities while enforcing the laws and rules of your event and venue. If you are planning any kind of event on Big Island, Hawai’i, call Aloha Security first. We have your back!

Event Security Services

Aloha Security offers comprehensive event security. Professional guard protective services are available for all events including:

  • Concerts and Entertainment
  • Conventions
  • Political Rallies and Events
  • Sports Exhibitions and Competitions
  • Corporate Events
  • Award Shows
  • Product Sales and Marketing Events
  • Private Gatherings of All Types

Successful Events Begin and End With Aloha Security

The presence of Aloha Security at your venue is a powerful force of dissuasion and deterrence against those who would commit crimes against your property, guests, and the success of your event. From a discrete but effective presence to a highly visible saturation patrol, we have you covered. Our security protocol can be customized based on advanced threat assessment to provide everything from preventive surveillance and crowd control to crisis response.

Our security experts will work with you to develop the best plan to help ensure the safety and security of all aspects of your event. While our security staff are directed to operate with the utmost politeness and professionalism, they are also trained to rapidly dispatch any threat. We accomplish threat neutralization with minimal disruption to your event and any bystanders.

A Positive Experience for Your Guests

Because your event’s security staff operate among your guests, it is essential to hire a team that respects the atmosphere of your event. Often, your security force serves as the unofficial face of your brand. We understand that, as security professionals, we often function as the “front line” customer service representatives for our clients and operate in a professional manner on your behalf.

When you choose Aloha Security, we will meet with you to discuss your preferences regarding various aspects of the security services provided to help ensure that our team is not only providing effective security, but maintaining and building positive relationships with your guests. We look forward to meeting your expectations – as well as those of your guests.

Aloha Security is licensed, fully insured, and bonded to provide your event with the highest level of protection. To learn more about our islandwide security services on Big Island, Hawai’i, call us at: 808-969-3300.