Join the
Aloha Security Team
in Hawaii!

At Aloha Security, Inc., we strive to provide the best and most reliable protection services on the Big Island. Therefore, we require that our team consist of only the most dedicated and passionate security professionals. Please familiarize yourself with the required skills and qualifications listed on this page. If you feel confident in your ability and level of commitment, you are invited to apply to join our team.

We Only Hire Qualified Candidates

At Aloha Security, Inc., it is our duty to put the safety and security of others above our own. We take this responsibility extremely seriously. Therefore, we mandate comprehensive pre-employment screening. We conduct random drug testing after hire, as well. Aloha Security, Inc. is committed to doing everything possible to secure the confidence of our clients.

Employment Requirements

To be hired by Aloha Security, Inc., you must have a genuine passion for protecting people. Without this passion, our profession is not likely to be a good fit for you. What we do is high-risk. All positions require mastery of a wide range of skills and abilities, as well as the utmost dedication.

Successful candidates will be those individuals
who possess the following characteristics:

  • Unquestionable Ethical Standards (including the highest degree of honesty, integrity, and self-discipline)
  • Courageous
  • In Good Physical Condition
  • Able to Elevate Important Daily Goals and Missions Above Their Own Self-Interest

Minimum Qualifications

The following minimum qualifications required to be considered for employment include:

  • Minimum Age: 18
  • Minimum Education: High School Diploma
  • Valid Driver’s License
  • Good Physical Condition
  • Guard Card

Citizenship and Immigration and Naturalization Service Requirements

Proof of U.S. Citizenship or I.N.S. Registration (Birth Certificate, Valid U.S. Passport) must be provided.

Non-Citizens: You must possess and present a valid and verifiable State ID, I.N.S. Registration, and Proof of Residency.


Applicants Must Be Able to Successfully Pass:

  • Review of Law Enforcement, Criminal, and Court Records
  • Pre-Employment Drug Screening
  • All Pre-Employment Testing

Military or college experience is preferred.

Employment Application

Do you have what it takes to protect and serve? Apply for a position with Aloha Security today:


Notice: You must completely fill out your application. Even if some information appears on your resume, it must be included on the application, as well.
Incomplete applications will be discarded without further notification.

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