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We strive to provide the best and most reliable protection services in Hawaii, so it is important that our team consists of the most dedicated and passionate security professionals possible. If you feel confident in your skills, abilities, and level of commitment, apply to join our team today! At Aloha Security, Inc., it is our duty to put the safety and security of others above your own. 

(Completely fill out your application – even if some information appears on your resume.

Failure to fully complete your application will stop your application process.)

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The qualifications required to be considered for employment include:

* Minimum age: 18

*Proof of U.S. Citizenship or I.N.S. Registration (Birth Certificate, Valid U.S. Passport)

*Non-citizens must possess a valid state ID, I.N.S. *Registration, and proof of residency

*High School Diploma

*Military or College experience is preferred

*Valid Driver’s License

*Good physical condition

*Ability to pass a review of law enforcement, criminal, and court record

*Must successfully pass pre-employment drug screening

*Must successfully pass all pre-employment testing

*Guard Card is required

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We only hire the best

We stand above the rest and our offices strive to be number one at customer service. We are Hawaii licensed, use pre-employment screening, and implement random drug testing to gain the trust and confidence of our clients.

Dedicated Individuals Wanted

We welcome dedicated individuals with any related experience or training, including military, martial arts, crowd control, or any other experience that will allow you to effectively and safely protect our clients and their property in any given circumstance.

Skills and Qualifications for Employment

To be hired by our company, you must have a genuine passion for protecting people and for service. Without this passion, our profession is not likely to be a good fit for you. What we do is high-risk and requires the best level of skill and dedication possible. 

Successful candidates are people of unquestioned ethical standards, honesty, integrity, and the highest self-discipline. 

Aloha Security, Inc. has grown its creditability over the last 20 years and has become a name widely recognized for safety and dependability. 

Aloha Security is looking to hire courageous men and women with related experience or training in Hilo, HI

Courageous men and women in good physical condition who can place important daily goals and missions above their own self-interests are examples of ideal candidates for Aloha Security, Inc. 

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