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If you would like to be considered for a position at our professional security company, please download the application form provided for your convenience, print it out, and fill it out to completion. Please be aware that applications that are missing information will not be considered valid and your application process will be terminated. To find out more about the preferred skills and requirements necessary to be considered for employment, please visit our Career Opportunities page today!
To apply to Aloha Security in Hilo, HI download the application and fill it out completely

The Area’s Number One Security Team

Today, Aloha Security, Inc. fields a team of more than 60 security professionals who help protect homeowners, businesses, school districts, government facilities, and industrial complexes in communities throughout the Big Island. We only hire the best. We stand above the rest and our offices strive to be number one at customer service. We are Hawaii licensed, use pre-employment screening, and implement random drug testing to gain the trust and confidence of our clients.
Aloha Security is the best and most trusted security team in Hilo, HI

The Importance of Completing Your Application

If you are looking to join our dedicated security team, the importance of completing your application thoroughly is paramount. Please ensure that you fill out every section without skipping any field or question. Doing so will result in the immediate termination of your application, so checking that all information is provided and accurate is highly recommended.